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Share your Links

You’ll have your own beautifully simple page at biotree to share your content with just one link.

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It's like creating a micro-website in a few ticks🚀

Imagine being able to share your thoughts, your business, and yourself with the world – without any effort or technical expertise.

Your, Bio🌲 comes with analytics for 🆓

We keep track of how many times your biotree has been visited and it’s great for knowing how often your audience visit you.

You can add unlimited links 🧞‍♂️

We don't cherish limits so, we introduce you to countless links in your biotree.

Create your unique URL 🔗

Having your unique URL seems cool right? So, we got it for you. Share it with your audience on your favorite platforms.

Customize your Bio🌲 unlike others

Make it the way you like it. Drag & drops link to arrange them the way you like it.

Take it wherever your audience is 🚀

Wait, Our users have something to say 🤭.

"We are loving it. It fits our needs perfectly. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! It fits our needs perfectly."

Bruno E.

Bruno E.

Social media growth specialist at Growin


Is this free already❓

Yes, it is, and it will be forever. Most maximum features someone will ever need are included in the free package.

Can I add as many links as the stars in the sky❓

Sure why not. We don't cherish limits so, we introduce you to countless links in your biotree.

Can I delete links whenever I want to❓

Sure why not. After all, it is all yours. Each link can be deleted whenever you feel like deleting it.

What if I lost my Biotree password❓

Of course, you won't be able to log in but hey don't you worry we have this forgot password page remember?

What if i have few more questions to ask❓

We, love customers who ask questions. You can always use our contact form or can directly dm or @iamvivekkaushik anytime

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